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Have you ever been to a town that has been relocated from one place to another? There are certainly not many of them in the world, and visiting Plužine will allow you to live that experience.


This unique town is located in the northwest of Montenegro, between the slopes of Durmitor and Maglić mountains, on the very edge of Piva Lake.
The present town of PLUŽINE was built at the same time as the dam Mratinje itself - in the early 1970s. Two hundred and twenty meters high, this dam is one of the largest in Europe.

The new city was built before the water level began to rise and the dam closed, so the whole population of the villages to be submerged by the lake could be relocated. Almost all the buildings were mined and destroyed before the sinking, except for the 16th century Piva Monastery, which was, stone by stone, moved to a new location, in the same way as the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt.
In addition to interesting facts related to the history of the city, exceptional natural beauty surrounds this settlement, and it is deservedly becoming more and more popular on the tourist map. If you ever find yourself in this unusual place, you will certainly not lack inspiration for exploration.

Piva Lake

Back in 1976, Piva Lake was created during the construction of the hydroelectric power-plant, by partitioning the canyon of the mountain Piva river. Along its entire length of 45 km, it stretches through beautiful forest landscapes and, depending on the weather conditions, takes on color from blue-green to turquoise. The depth of the lake varies from 70 to 120 m and even 180 m in certain places. The water is clean, fresh and full of fish, among which trout is the most popular. This lake is one of the largest reservoirs of drinking water in the region.

Durmitor Ring

At the exit from the Piva region, a "gate" to the Durmitor National Park awaits you. A visit to this outlandish area reminds you of a trip to a distant planet. The slopes of Durmitor mountains enchant visitors with their shapes, silence, and wildlife. It is an ideal place for hiking and climbing, birdwatching, and resetting from urban everyday life. Get ready for possible encounters with wild goats, owls and golden eagles. Of course, it should be borne in mind that this mountain is characterized by raw nature and that it is necessary to have adequate equipment, and advised to get a guide if you wish to stray off the beaten path. Avoid it during bad weather.

Piva Monastery

Until recently, despite its great cultural and historical value, the Piva Monastery attracted only the attention of believers, rare amateurs, and experts in old art. This structure has attracted the interest of the general public lately when, endangered by the construction of a hydroelectric power plant on the river Piva, it was moved high above the river's spring - where it was built in the 16th century. Relocating the church and its frescoes was a difficult task that surpassed all known similar experiences in the world. Work on this project began in 1970 and lasted for more than a decade. Each stone was carefully numbered and returned to its authentic construction position. The most complex of all endeavours was the removal and preservation of the original frescoes, painted on the walls of the original building. These valuable works of art cover over a thousand square meters of walls inside the church. Piva monastery represents a treasure of Montenegrin history and culture and is worth visiting and researching.

Tara River

The most attractive part of the Tara River and its deep canyon is famous for rafting and starts from Brštanovica. It ends in Šćepan polje (27 km away from Plužine). In Plužine you will find all the necessary information, transfers, and contacts for this unforgettable adventure.

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