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The town of Zabljak, the most high-altitude in the country. It is located in the northern part of Montenegro among the amazingly beautiful Durmitor mountain range. With a population of over four thousand people, the historic city of Zabljak is a magnificent ski resort, beloved by athletes and tourists from many countries. The surroundings of Zabljak are often called the Montenegrin Alps.

Favorable and convenient location allows the city at any time of the year to be an attractive place for cycling, rally races, as well as extreme sports: mountaineering, rafting (downhill on mountain rivers), ski and mountain tourism. It should be especially noted that connection with a diverse local nature gives a complete reboot to thoughts, well-being, and state of mind.
The charming unique nature of the amazing mountainous area influenced the special attractiveness of these places, where not only mountain ski slopes aspire, but also connoisseurs of this extraordinary pristine beauty! Four months a year the mountain snow pleases with its whiteness, and the purest mountain air fills up the chest of each with strength and vigor. And in the summer, the diversity of the beautiful flora and wild fauna of the mountainous area attracts tourists for both organized hiking trails and fascinating independent walks along the forest edges and trails. This mountainous area is inhabited by more than three hundred diverse species of wild animals and over one hundred species of rare birds in their habitat and beauty.

Most of the mountain range, canyons and valleys of local rivers (Tara, Draga, Sušica, Komarnica) form the natural national park of Montenegro. Here, as a result of geological transformations, 18 glacial lakes arose, including the most famous of them - Black with the cleanest water with a dark shade. And it should be especially noted that Montenegrin Durmitor with its pristine beauty is rightfully included in the list of the World Natural Heritage of the international organization UNESCO.
Particular tourists interest is the natural surroundings and the associated history and modernity of the city of Zabljak. The historical name of this settlement was initially «Varezina Voda» due to the abundant water sources used at that time and as curative. Then it was renamed as Ganova. The current name of Zabljak originated in the late nineteenth century. At the same time, construction began on several significant objects for the city, including a school and a church.

The devastating Balkan wars, and then the Second World War, went through many cities of Montenegro, destroying most of the centuries-old buildings. Until today, the only historical building of the ancient Church of the Holy Transfiguration, built in 1862 as a sign of a solid victory in the war against the Turks, remained in Zabljak. The city of Zabljak, like a phoenix bird, rose from the ashes, rebuilt, grew and, together with the amazing nature surrounding this administrative center, became a delightful center of year-round tourism and sports.
Here you can find several excellent modern ski centers for lovers of winter sports and outdoor activities, with a total length of trails over three kilometers. Conveniently located modern lifts to the top of the tracks, training schools - snowboarding and skiing, organized rental of sports equipment, comfortable accommodation, as well as services of travel companies, cafes and restaurants - everything for a wonderful exciting year-round recreation. And just a kilometer from here is another Bosac ski center with a length of about two kilometers with all the necessary amenities and services. In addition to these activities, in the winter in Zabljak, you can choose other various activities for your body and soul: you can ride snowmobiles in its snow-white surroundings, ride sledges, go snowshoeing, give your body exercises in any of several fitness centers, and then enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in an excellent spa complex.

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